The guiding principles of the pedagogy

The pedagogy of the Ecole de Management de Normandie focuses on 3 learning paths in order to train open-minded managers for the open worlds of today;

Monitored field projects, through the "HEC Entrepreneurs" teaching approach

The "HEC Entrepreneurs" teaching approach has allowed the creation of a marked specific identity for the graduate management program.
The point is that students work in teams on a real life assignment given by a company. They are supervised in-house by an executive or senior manager, while being able to draw from the expertise of a coach - whether a faculty member or a professional in the field. As the time span is limited from 4 to 7 weeks, they will thus experience group dynamics under pressure, while having to cope with the complexity of real life business situations and the deadlines imposed by the constraints of the company concerned. This monitored field work scheme is a critical tenet of the entire teaching approach, as exemplified in the paradoxical claim that "we graduate young executives with experience".

Mobility, through the introduction of a compulsory period abroad and a high percentage of courses taught in English.

Behaviour, through personal development and global culture awareness.