Veronica VELO, professeur de management à l'EM Normandie, publie un ouvrage

Veronica VELO, professeur de management à l'EM Normandie, est à l'honneur avec la parution de son ouvrage intitulé Cross-Cultural Management aux éditions Business Expert Press.

Résumé de l'ouvrage :

If you are employed or studying cross-cultural management—what is culture and to what extent is it important in international business—then you will need to have this book, as it answers these questions through an exploration of the major theories that have been developed in the fields of business anthropology and international management.

Dr. Velo also discusses the application of previously analyzed cultural frameworks as a basis for the elaboration of new ideas relating to current issues in organizational behavior. International organizations often deal with relationships between the employee as a socialized individual and the culture of his/her organization, managing in a globalized context, the development and management of cross-cultural teams, and negotiating intercultural with potential conflicts. This outstanding contribution to this field will help explain these relationships, questions, and possible conflicts in the world of cross-cultural management.

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