Tourism and leisure ressource management

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To enable students to : - Develop a deep and comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the role and importance of techniques and systems that are applied to physical, human and financial resources when managing tourism and leisure services ; - Provide students with an understanding and appreciation of the theories and key issues which influence the successful management of resources within the tourism and leisure industries ; - Critically appraise the effective planning and management of physical, human and financial resources in the provision tourism and leisure services.

By the end of the module students will be able to : - Analyse and evaluate key concepts, techniques and theories involved in managing human resources in tourism and leisure operations ; - Critically evaluate how information is used in managing tourism and leisure organisations through the human resource and management accounting processes ; - Apply and synthesise key concepts and theories of managing the physical and financial resources involved in tourism and leisure operations ; - Apply and critically evaluate effective financial planning techniques ; - Synthesise and critically appraise planning techniques in resource acquisition and their control ; - Conduct a detailed critical analysis of a tourism and leisure operation and demonstrate approaches to practical recommendations for improvements to the operations and their effective financial management.