What is the INTERREG-INBS project ?

  The INBS project was selected under the European Cross-border Cooperation Programme INTERREG IV A France (Channel) – England, co-funded by the ERDF.

Le projet INBS a été sélectionné dans le cadre du programme européen de coopération transfrontalière INTERREG IV A France (Manche) – Angleterre, cofinancé par le FEDER.

Project duration: 3 years (NOVEMBER 2010/ NOVEMBER 2013)

Context and origin of the project

The two partners of the project, on both side of the channel, have a long experience in training high level Bachelor and Master students. Up to now, their links have been intermittent. This Interreg project would help them to really create a global and durable higher education programme for the benefit of all students and academic staff of both institutions. The idea of the 
INBS project originates from EMNormandie which is keen to develop more training and business opportunities for its students on an international level. A strong link with a well established British university on the channel coast is a particularly strategic project.

Objectives of the INBS programme

1) to link high level bachelor and  master programmes in various areas : entrepreneurship/ management/ finance/supply chain and logistics management/maritime studies/international tourism and events

2)  to develop joint research groups between academic staff on both sides of the channel

Main activities foreseen

1) Studies programmes

  • Exchanges between teachers
  • Short term Student mobility
  • Development of joint programs

3) Research activities

Exchange of experience between academic staff to develop common research projects

3)Bi-national conferences
Organization of annual cross channel conferences on academic themes addressed by the project

Target public

Bachelor and Master level students (90)
Academics staff (40)- PhD and PhD candidates
Management schools/ universities/local authorities/ chambers of commerce/ enterprises (Conferences attendees: 300)


1) Studies Programmes

1.1-Exchanges of teachers for training periods

During the kick off meeting of the 
INBS project, we will organize a working session between all interested members of staff from both institutions (beforehand we will already have produced a document with the names and some info about the participants).This meeting will be the opportunity for all teaching and research staff to present their academic field of expertise to their colleagues from the other side of the channel. We will strive to make the presentations as lively as possible. To this end, we are thinking of organizing some “academic speed dating”. At the end of the day we will ask the participants to publish the “weddings” which will start the collaboration process.
Joint bi-national groups of teachers will then prepare and present to the scientific 
INBS committee their calendar of meetings/ courses to be held during the years of INBS activity.

(a model document will be used to facilitate the organization of information during the project life time- a draft is included in the proposal)

1.2 - Student mobility at graduate and postgraduate level

Student exchanges will take several forms during the length of the project. It will depend on the subjects studied, the decision of academics for the benefit of their students depending on the majors studied, the level of students, the organization of academic calendars, etc. These matters will be decided and organized during the academics meetings and seminars. They will include:

- short term students exchanges (2/3 months including academic or training periods in firms)
-intensive periods of study (2 to 4 weeks) during the academic year
-academic field trips (1 to 2 weeks long)
-"virtual" international group projects.

During the 3 years project, any interesting and innovative idea originating from a academic for a group of students will be studied and validated by the steering committee.

1.3- Development of Joint Bachelor/Master programs

The teachers will also be asked to elaborate a more global phase of development including the measures to be taken aiming at creating joint bachelor/master programs when the 
INBS Interreg  financing is coming to an end. This will be possible using existing complementary programs that will be internationalized.
The parties will negotiate separate legal agreements to cover any joint programmes and to esnrue compliances with institutional statutes, regulations and quality assurance requirements.

2) Academic/Research cooperation

- Normandy PhD candidates becoming Professors at Soton
Engaged in international accreditation process, the EM Normandie implements a strategy of qualification of its faculty which is reflected by the desire to increase its number of doctors. The University of Southampton offers to support the qualification process and to welcome teachers from EM Normandie to their doctoral program. At the start of the academic year 2010/2011, two professors from the EM Normandy will join the doctoral program at the University of  Southampton: in the accounting field (Philip CAHILL, UK) and strategic Management of Human Ressources (Diana SANTISTEVAN, USA).
 - EMN "habilitated" professors to be 2nd thesis supervisors for some Soton PhD students
The School of Management at the University Southampton wants to internationalize the framework of its PhD students. Experienced members of the Faculty of the MA Normandy might well be persuaded to co-head of the PhD. Students from Southampton and integrate a PhD Supervisory Committee as second Member.

 - Organize jointly seminars for PhD students, Faculty and staff
Both partners will organize educational workshops and seminars and joint research
++ Annual “Pedagogical Innovation and Materials” Workshop between Faculties
This workshop aims to bring together annually the faculty members of both partners to share, sharing innovations, tools and educational experiences, and secondly, to consider joint publications on teaching (tools, teaching cases, etc..).
++ “Methodological seminars and conference” for PhD. Students and Faculty.
Both partners agree to hold annual joint methodological seminars alternately on their campuses. This may take the form of an invitation to an international expert in methodology in the context of a joint seminar Southampton / EM Normandy.
In addition, doctoral students of the EM in Normandy will participate in certain conditions of methodological seminars PhD program. University of Southampton.
Finally, EM will host Normandy in June 2011 the 10th European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies from which members of the Faculty of Southampton will be invited.
++ “Research Seminars” 
Both partners have themes and common themes of research which enable them to consider the holding of annual seminars joint research: entrepreneurship, project management, CSR, Supply Chain, online marketing, etc.. This could lead to joint academic publications (Article in PR Journals, Chapters, Books Edition, etc.).
- Organization of a joint DBA “Corporate Responsibility and Management”
Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable development are now essential and basic dimensions as in the training of managers in Management Research. The School of Management at the University of Southampton and the EM Normandy both had these issues at the heart of their teaching and their research. The first has developed a "Corporate Responsibility Community of Practice" which runs through all of these research areas (marketing, finance, etc.). CSR is part of the "mission statement" of the MS Normandy: it is thus one of its areas of research. The EM Normandy would also rethink its model of education around this theme.
Both partners plan to create a DBA and co-empowered and entitled "Corporate Responsibility and Management. The SM of Southampton has developed a strong expertise in the design and management of doctoral programs (PhD and DBA).. The EM Normandy wants to develop its training for  a doctoral degree (1) for a professional audience (2) open to the changing economic environment and (3) backed by its research activities. Pursued in English, this DBA would be located in Normandy, and would incorporate residential seminars scheduled at the University of Southampton. .

3) Trans-national conferences

Partners co-organize international conferences academically oriented and / or joint work around themes:

1/ Caen  NOV 2011: Entrepreneurship, innovation SMEs
2/ Southampton NOV 2012 : Corporate Social Responsibility
3/ Deauville NOV 2013 : Creative industries

The specific theme of each conference will be determined by the exchange between members of the Faculty concerned.
A French-British Scientific Committee will be established for each conference and a call for papers launched (6 months before the date of the conference). Contributions will be selected by the Scientific Committee and the proceedings will be considered, with academic journals in international refereed.

The conferences will take place over 2 days.