A unique, valuable, and practical master

Témoignage de Ahmed GHAZAL,

Teacher assistant,
Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport,
Alexandria, Egypt

 I think that the International Events Management Master of EM Normandie provides the students with a great mixture of knowledge and practice. Thanks to valuable professors, teaching initiation and theory, and professionals, giving us advices and projects to work on, EM Normandie succeeds in transfering a strong knowledge of the international events business to its multinational students.

I loved how perfectly the master fulfilled different goals: for my case I am now qualified to undertake a PHD programme and continue my career, while my colleagues are now qualified to work in the events industry. Moreover, the good care and interaction between faculty members and students helped me not feeling homesick for 9 months. Also, the master includes diverse business activities that enable us to develop our network but also to learn how to manage stress. The positive feedbacks from the professionals are motivating, while the constructive critics help to improve. The courses are very useful and helpful at different occasions in life.