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MSc International Events Management

The best : the way we experienced teamworks through the field projects

Community Manager and founder of Aurore Boréale,
Social Media Marketing
Aurore Boréale,
Caen France

I spent a wonderful year at EM Normandie. I chose the International Events Management Master and was graduated in 2009. From my point of view, the best in this programme is the way we experienced teamworks through the field projects and contests, projects submitted by companies. This kind of exercise is more than relevant! So we left school with concrete experiences and feedbacks from managers who we met during the year. We also feel more confident at the end of the year.

In 2010, I was Marketing Manager at Paris B. Events, and it was a great job. But I always had that feeling : I want to be an entrepreneur. And I founded my own agency « Aurore Boréale – Social Media Marketing » specialized in Community Management for brands and products.

The opportunity to keep growing in the international event & tourism industry

Thanks to the studies at the Normandy Business School, I had the opportunity to keep growing in the international event & tourism industry. Indeed, I decided to study one year again whereas I already had a job in tourism. I wanted to acquire a better knowledge on what was going on in France and abroad in terms of event & tourism growth, thus finding some new job opportunities. I particularly enjoyed the international aspect of this Master: foreign students, programme totally taught in English.

After passing the MSc, I quit my former job and began as the Promotion & Marketing Assistant of Deauville Tourisme. The following year, I became the Promotion & Marketing Manager. I am now taking care of promoting Deauville next to French and foreign tourism professionals using different tools: e-marketing, business trips on various workshops in France and abroad, canvassing, organising familiarization trips for professionals, networking-PR… I enjoy my job that gives me the opportunity to develop myself next to different world cultures as well as having a mix between desk work and on-field work. 

Promotion & Marketing Manager
Deauville Tourisme

I loved the field trips and the team contests

XiaoShi CHEN
XiaoShi CHEN
Assistant Consultant,
Kotler Marketing Group,

As a Chinese student, the experience at EM Normandie has had a great impact on me, on my choice.

Thanks to EM Normandie and the lovely teachers, I really fall in love with the events industry, and it makes me firmly believe that events can create something beautiful in the world. It was a totally different teaching method than from the universities in China. I loved the field trips and the team contests.

Now, I get my first job as an assistant consultant in one of the branches of Kotler Marketing Group in China whose founder is great marketing master Philip Kotler. I will do my best in this exciting work!

A unique, valuable, and practical master

 I think that the International Events Management Master of EM Normandie provides the students with a great mixture of knowledge and practice. Thanks to valuable professors, teaching initiation and theory, and professionals, giving us advices and projects to work on, EM Normandie succeeds in transfering a strong knowledge of the international events business to its multinational students.

I loved how perfectly the master fulfilled different goals: for my case I am now qualified to undertake a PHD programme and continue my career, while my colleagues are now qualified to work in the events industry. Moreover, the good care and interaction between faculty members and students helped me not feeling homesick for 9 months. Also, the master includes diverse business activities that enable us to develop our network but also to learn how to manage stress. The positive feedbacks from the professionals are motivating, while the constructive critics help to improve. The courses are very useful and helpful at different occasions in life.

Teacher assistant,
Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport,
Alexandria, Egypt

A great combination of theoretical knowledge and practical assignments

Onsite Director,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

My study at EM Normandie was a great combination of theoretical knowledge and practical assignments.

The school teachs you how to do things, why to do them that way and then gives you the opportunity to apply it in real situation and with the advises and evaluation of professionals.

The one month field project and the two contests add a great value to the learning experience and prepare you for the real situations that you will handle .

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