Career Track Scheme

The School is developing its support scheme to students in their preparation for employment.

To optimize professional integration of our young graduates and respond more adequately to increased demands from the part of recruiters, the School has strengthened students’ ‘Career Track Scheme’.

This personalised and progressive support track helps students clarify their professional competencies and individual skills. They will be thus able to draw up a career project that is both concrete and pragmatic, fully relevant to their ambitions and job market opportunities.

Over twenty HR experts and professional coaches facilitate this multimodal scheme that comprises also class sessions: analyzing one’s professional and personal path, clarifying one’s skills, searching for information and developing a networking approach, drafting an application in French and in English, preparing for individual and collective interviews, mastering web 2.0 recruitment tools,…..

Experience sharing workshops and distance learning modules are also available by video and e-learning, as well as podcasts by recruitment experts . This is completed by personality tests: Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for Year 4 & 5 graduate students, and TalentToday for Year 1 to 3 undergraduate students. Group and individual coaching sessions supplement this scheme. Finally, students may exchange with their peers on recruitment issues via a dedicated participative web (wiki).