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At Harvard Georges Doriot was a pioneer in management teaching and research. At the beginning of the 1930s he introduced into France the CPA case study method, which became the Executive MBA of the Groupe HEC. He was also one of the "inventors" of risk capital in the USA after the war and made his fortune by participating in the creation of DEC.


Every two years the Georges Doriot Conference – created by HEC Paris and EM-Normandie and now joined by Advancia – provides the opportunity to put into practice three strong principles:

  • practical intelligence: entrepreneurship is a field where the link between practice and academic reflection is necessary and fruitful.
  • a cross-disciplinary vocation: this conference will make it possible to examine different facets of entrepreneurial phenomena: managerial, legal, psychological, historical, etc… In addition to management science, the conference will be open to specialists of economic science, legal science, cognitive science and, more widely, the human and social sciences.
  • open to the professional world: this conference is intended to be a place of exchange between the academic community and the professional world, just like Georges Doriot, who was both a pioneer in research and teaching and a major figure in the area of risk capital and entrepreneurship.


The documents presented to Georges Doriot Conferences are available on the website:


Intrapreneurship: theme of the 3rd edition - 4 and 5 March 2010

What if, backed up by some success stories, academic research on intrapreneurship slightly preceded management practice? First of all, it is difficult to measure the real importance of the phenomenon because its definition is not self-evident. In practice, intrapreneurship disdains traditional disciplines, being at the crossroads of innovation, human resources, projects, creativity and strategy. It goes beyond the initial area of large companies and invades the world of SMEs as well as the non-commercial domain and public management. Putting utopianism to one side, one must question the reality and limits of intrapreneurship. What is the real role or intrapreneurship in the diffusion of innovative management practices? Can the promotion of intrapreneurial behaviour paradoxically be accompanied by a desire to inhibit all vague entrepreneurial impulses. Is management by intrapreneurship a paradox in itself?

Family Entrepreneurship: the theme of the 2nd Georges Doriot Conference - 15 and 16 May 2008

Whatever one may say, family capitalism plays a substantial role in the global economy, outside of small and medium size organizations and even more so beyond western frontiers. The family business is the object of great attention as is evidenced by the organization of practices around professional communities (the Henokiens, ASMEP, etc.) or publications such as the Family Business Review in the academic world. However, the examination of behavior at the junction of entrepreneurship and the family business remains to be explored.

First topic: Making a success of company takeovers and successions - 16 and 17 March 2006

Takeovers and company successions are markets with a strong future, if statistics on company demographics are to be believed. That reinforces significantly the need for theoretical and empirical studies on takeover and succession projects from the point of view of the seller, the buyer and the accompanying organisations.
Several studies have been carried out in France on this subject by OSEO, one of the partners of the Georges Doriot Conference. These studies indicate that succession is a very risky phase in the life of a company. More than one succession in five fails within six years and the latest available data seems to show that this risk is increasing. At the same time, the economic issues relating to successions are crucial: more than 30,000 jobs are at stake each year. If the financial factors are decisive in the analysis of risk, these studies show that the circumstances surrounding the succession process are just as important and thus make it possible to  research topics likely to interest the professional community involved in "takeover entrepreneurship".

Permanent Scientific Committee

Eugènia Bieto Caubet , ESADE, Spain
Alain Bloch, CNAM Paris, HEC Paris, France
Maria Bonnafous Foucher, Advancia, France
Louise Cadieux, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Canada
Didier Chabaud, Cergy-Pontoise University, EM Normandie, France
Alain Fayolle, EM Lyon Business School, France
Olivier Germain, EM Normandie, France
Ari Ginsberg, New-York University, USA
Tim Habberson, Babson College, USA
Howard Stevenson, Harvard Business School, USA
Thomas Zellweger, Universität St Gallen, Switzerland

Organising Committee

Alain Bloch, Maria Bonnafous-Boucher, Didier Chabaud, Stéphanie Esnault, Terence Geffroy, Olivier Germain, Jérôme Guédon, Gervais Johanet, Jean-Louis Lacolley, Danielle Ourgaud


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