CreActive Place Day, 2009


Organized jointly with Creactive Place, the business development center of Deauville.
23 October 2009, Deauville, France.

Hypercompetition, the dictatorship model in financial markets, the failure of planning, the issues preventing long-term thinking within organizations. Reduced time horizons result in short-term management decisions. With anticipation no longer possible, what do we mean by 'strategy?'. The day, which was led by Olivier Germain, offered the participants the opportunity to listen to two experts from very different fields who invited us to consider our understanding of strategy, and especially our relationship with 'time'. The anthropologist Jean-Pierre Boutinet reflected upon the role of figures in the management of projects, and the challenge of expectations. François Jullien, philosopher and specialist on China, showed how it is possible to respond differently when thinking and responding strategically. These ideas were presented and considered in the presence of three experts, the well-known strategist Jacques Sarrazin, (Lafarge Group), the opinioned editor Philippe Escande of Les Echos, and the researcher Michel Berry of the École de Paris du Management, known for his 'outside the box' thinking.