Workshop on Case Studies in Multicultural Management, 2009


Organised jointly by ESCEM Tours-Poitiers and EM Normandie.
29 November 2009, Tours, France.

Led by Helena Karjalainen (EM Normandie) and Richard Soparnot (ESCEM), the day saw active researchers from a range of management disciplines (Strategy, Human resource Management, Marketing) addressing a common theme ‘How to manage within an intercultural environment.’ A number of cases covering various topics such as managing multicultural teams, mergers and acquisitions or alliances between vehicle manufacturers (DaimlerChrysler ou Renault-Claas) were presented and discussed. The guest speaker was Vincent Dessain, the Executive Director of the European Research Centre of Harvard Business School, who presented academic materials developed to improve management within a culturally diverse environment. The case studies will be published in a special edition on Intercultural Management, by Éditions Management et Société in 2010.