Metis labSince 2003, EM Normandie has given new dynamic impetus to its research activities in the form of a research laboratory: Métis. This research lab hosts the School's lecturer-researchers under all three research axes. Not only was research thus able to allow a serious and progressive approach to Faculty development and support, but also to structure activities linked to the School’s Mission, thus generating genuine and long-lasting imbedding of research within EM Normandie as a whole.

Today, research conducted at EM Normandie is governed by three major principles:

  • Practical intelligence, as symbolized by the very name chosen for the laboratory, Métis, derived from the notion that the link between practice and academic thinking is necessary and fruitful;
  • Cross-disciplinary vocation, by acknowledging the diversity of competencies required and applied in a Business School;
  • Openness to professionals, by offering a forum for exchange between the business world and the academic community.

The School defines three Research Axes which link the expertise of faculty members to these expectations, namely:

  • Management & Entrepreneurship;
  • Logistics - Land - Sea - Risk;
  • Management of Cultural Interactions.

More information about these axes.

Valorization of Research

In addition, EM Normandie wishes to provide economic actors in its territory with answers, and to a wider extent, to put its expertise at the service of practitioners by developing applied research. This determination is fully in tune with the School’s Mission: applied intellectual contributions, regional legitimacy and territory attractiveness are as many meaningful concepts to the School, and they are indeed mentioned explicitly in its Mission statement. In addition, the point is to extend external funding of research by means of research contracts or consulting assignments.

International Research Partnerships

Over and above these research axes, the School’s academic research is also deployed in forming strong links with scientific partnerships. The ‘Journées Georges Doriot’ – a bi-annual colloquium first started in 2006 – has allowed research teams in Entrepreneurship at EM Normandie, HEC Paris, and ESG UQAM (Montreal, Canada) to cooperate. Lastly, EM Normandie set up in 2010 a partnership with the University of Southampton, under the EU InterReg scheme (joint research activities, organization of international colloquia, mutual training seminars for doctoral students, etc.). This partnership contributes strongly to the internationalization of the School’s research activities. Under the framework of the extended InterReg 2013-2014 programme, international co-writing projects between Faculty members of both the University of Southampton (UK) and the School are currently under way. In its first phase, this EU funding programme had made it possible for French and British researchers to meet for international conferences on Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility and Creative Industries respectively. Currently, EM Normandie is preparing another InterReg program in the domain of maritime and port management with some English partners.

Dean for Research