M1 - 1st year / Caen , Le Havre or Oxford

Acquiring further Managerial Knowledge

puce drapeau_uk : Semesters 1 and 2 :
Courses in Oxford or Le Havre taught 100% in English *

Semester 2 abroad with a Partner University

Partner Universities *

2 months minimum abroad to be completed before entering M2
To develop a strategic view of the firm and gain professional experience


Off-campus Elective Year:

Two 6-month internships (gap year)
In a company
In France and/or abroad

To accumulate extra experience from an extra year in a firm.

M2 - 2nd year

Courses relevant to one of the 17 specialisations chosen by the student.

Some are offered on a cooperative basis.

A Double Degree with a partner University or Business School (either in France or abroad)

Les universités partenaires 

To acquire the knowledge required for the specialisation chosen.
6 months between April and October, either in France or abroad.
Junior Consulting Projects and Challenges **
Linked to the specialisation

* Limited number of places available. Selection based on academic results and language proficiency.
** 2 Junior Consulting Projects & 2 Challenges for the M2 Entrepreneurship specialised option