How to join ?

EM Normandie welcomes on its campuses a significant number of international students.

Exchange students on one hand come under an agreement between their home institution and EM Normandie. They usually stay for one or 2 semesters of courses or for one of the Summer Programmes. They are nominated by their home institution and benefit from a tuition waiver. Depending on the agreement with their home institution, some exchange students may obtain a degree from EM Normandie after (usually) 2 semesters.

On the other hand, degree-seeking, independent students are individual applicants who own a first degree (often in their home country) and wish to obtain a 2nd degree at EM Normandie.

Degree-seeking students also benefit from the School’s career service and can join the Alumni Association (Réseau EM Normandie). They basically have the same duties and rights as French students, including a study abroad semester at Graduate level (except very few exceptions) if they wish to do so.

All programmes are open to both exchange and independent students, provided they meet the academic requirements and are accepted by the relevant Heads of programmes.