Julian, an uncommon student

Julian, an uncommon student who, alongside his MSc in International Events Management (Deauville Campus), travels the world over to look for outstanding feats and adventures.

How would you summarise your adventures in a few words ?

Concretely, I climbed the Stock Kangri [Himalaya] 6,153 metres solo – I cycled across Northern India (1,400 km) – solo again -- I skin dived on wrecks in Malta, camped on exploding volcanos (Stromboli - Summer 2014) – Sailed with skippers such as Servane Escoffier, Louis Burton, Julien Mabit...--- and recently, I ran an ultra-marathon for100 km in 15hours 29minutes (with only 5 months training)..

You’re an adventure enthusiast, why does this thrill you ?

The point is to live out my dreams and to show my friends and relatives that any project is feasible provided you give yourself the means to achieve it. Personal development, value sharing and exertion are the basic springs that motivate me.

Does that help in your studies ?

Yes, definitely, even if it is not always easy to reconcile training, recovery, project management and taking M2 courses all at once…

And what about your next challenge ?

The next step will be to start an association by the name of ‘Semper Aventuris’ to gather and promote adventure projects. I will of course continue to run, but my next goal is to prepare for swimming across the Channel. (a swim of some 37-40 km)
To reach this goal, I plan to start by swimming the Gibraltar Straits (20km). These crossings are expensive (from € 4,500 to €5,000) and require a long and specific preparation. So, I guess you will have understood I am thrilled by adventure, and my motto is to explore, to dream, and to be creative.