EM Normandie hosted on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 December in Caen, the Annual ADEPPT Convention (Association de Promotion des classes Préparatoires option Technologique), attended by 80 Classes Préparatoires (Voie Technologique) teachers.  A focus on this performing track with Jean-Luc Koehl, its President.

Are Classes préparatoires voie technologiques now well known by both candidates and business schools ?

Schools know us well and recruit some 1,000 students or so from this track every year. This represents slightly over 12% of all students recruited. Some institutions do recruit substantially more of them. For young people, the advantage offered by this track is to be on familiar grounds, as they have studied professional subjects such as Management, Administration and Law for four 4 years already: during the last two years in the Lycée and a further two years of CPGE. It is up to us to make ourselves better known by their families, often of modest origins, who do not automatically think of encouraging their children to take up long HE studies. So we should work on our communication towards Lycée pupils. Having said that, we do fill our 38 classes throughout France and 4 in the DOM-TOM (Overseas Territories).

What is the Mission of ADEPPT?

Our Mission is to promote this track since we are convinced it could attract more candidates. We will of course always be the smallest route in size compared to Science and Economics Classes Préparatoires, but we still have some margin for progress undeniably. For instance, we wish to convince good candidates who more often than not will censor themselves. What I would like to emphasise is that our cohort success rate reaches almost 90%.  And for those who do not have the means to fund their tuition, business schools offer a great variety of financial aids, such as EM Normandie and its apprenticeship scheme for instance. Finally, I should mention there are still two Académies that do not have a CPGE with a Technology Option, namely Limoges and Guyana. It would be really useful if one section at least would be opened in these regions. Moreover, there still remains space for a second, if not a third, section in major academies.

What does your association represent nowadays?

All Classes Préparatoires are represented, which means a total of 180 members. However, they are not all teachers of technological subjects: teachers of general subjects (philosophy, languages, culture & Maths) account for half the membership today. Furthermore, we are recognised interlocutors by public authorities such as Inspection Générale, the Ministry of National Education, or Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

The Technological Track today:

  • 2,200 students per year
  • 40% on state grants
  • 90% success rate in Admission Exams

A track that is strongly represented at EM Normandie

Over the last 3 years, 40% of Programme Grande Ecole recruits via the Post-prépa BCE National Test Bank came out of this technological track. Actually, this ratio recently reached a peak with 53% recorded in 2016!

Web : adeppt-asso.fr
Twitter : #adeppt_ect


Contact : Carine Guibbani, Director of Business Development
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