On Tuesday 31 January, the GIGN commander came up to the EM Normandie Caen Campus to give a keynote lecture relayed by videoconferencing to the Le Havre Campus on ‘Human Resource Management in strategic units : the case of GIGN'. He explained to a fascinated audience of students how armed forces have developed their efficiency by making the best of what the private sector had to offer, in particular with their best practices in the management of human ressource.

Military training and business school education: fighting the same batttles

In spite of the difficulties of their missions, armed forces succeed in maintaining motivation in their teams during complex operations. Just as is the case in companies, their organisation must reflect consistency between the values they put forward, and live with, and the human resource policy. These words mean a lot to Gen Y, quite prepared to engage but demanding that their actions should bear meaning through objectives, but also management based on values.  The commander mentioned the way men and women engaged in defence, who operate at the heart of conflicts, are trained to live with their choices and to adapt to a hostile environment.  He also showed that this training and best practices could be transferred or adapted to the business organisation world where individual success is there also linked to team spirit.

Contact : Olivier Lasmoles, Professor in Maritime and Port Law, Reserve Officer
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