Le FigaroEM Normandie again 15th  in the 2018 Le Figaro Etudiant ranking of 38 Grandes Ecoles Business Schools (combining 5-year & 3-Year Master's programmes awarding the ‘Grade de Master' degree).

The latest developments in its international drive, such as the opening of a new campus in Dublin (Ireland), the extension of the Oxford Campus, and the wide portfolio of over 200 partner universities in the world, rank among the many assets of the School.

Meanwhile, EM Normandie has been forging ahead in the development of cooperative programmes, which have attracted over 600 students in 2017-2018.

Furthermore, the opening of a double-degree in engineering in partnership with a School of Engineering, ESITC Caen, has been an exciting development this year.

The 2018 Le Figaro Etudiant ranking has focused on 3 main performance indicators: academic excellence, international reputation, and quality of the links with the business world.  For the latter criterion, Le Figaro Etudiant has introduced an innovation by seeking the opinions of 41 recruiters on the Schools surveyed. The data collected will lead to a further ranking later on.

To view the full ranking, click here: http://etudiant.lefigaro.fr/etudes/ecoles-de-commerce/classement/


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