Learning English Online, a new resource guide by Jeffrey Hill, English teacher @EM Normandie

Jeffrey Hill, English teacher at the EM Normandie, has just published Learning English Online, a free e-book featuring online resources and advice for learning or perfecting one's English. Students and teachers will find over 700 links organized by theme — grammar, vocabulary, business English, culture, etc. — to be used according to their needs.

Internet sites, apps, blogs, e-books, videos, films and TV series, games and quizzes, social media, and radio stations will all help in preparing for an exam (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC), improving one's everyday English, developing writing skills, or simply testing and maintaining one's current level. A section is also devoted to teachers offering online lessons via Skype. In short, Learning English Online is an invaluable guide to finding the best internet resources for students of ESL/EFL.

Learning English differently with digital resources

Jeffrey Hill is the author of several top-ranking courses on the EM Normandie's iTunes U site. He also created the Crossword English website, and has published five collections of crosswords for learners of English (two paper books, and three e-books).

In 2016, he developed the free SmartEnglish by EM Normandie app, which features his own business English course.

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