Entrepreneurship, how not to fear unchartered ground!

Grandes Ecoles Schools of Management, these wonderful crucibles to forge the elites, are promoting entrepreneurship more and more. The new generations are asking for this and show themselves especially enterprising as regards starting businesses. Christophe Yver, the Director of EM Normandie's Institut de l'Innovation et du Développement de l'entrepreneuriat (InsIDE), explains this very positive trend.

Over the last decade, things have changed dramatically in business schools! Riding the wave of digital novelties, entrepreneurship stardom via social networks, and French success stories (Blablacar, Criteo, Leboncoin…), the new generations voice clearly their wish to embark on the entrepreneurial venture. Young people are inquisitive and want to see their projects, and their dreams for that matter, materialise fast. Consequently, our mission is indeed to maximise their chances of success by implementing customised schemes!

French-style dynamism

Before the self-entrepreneur (auto-entrepreneur) status came into force, starting one's business far from easy and the number of young new entrepreneurs was not rising very fast. This was paradoxical, since Schools educate elites that can adapt fast and possess a high degree of innovative spirit!  As implementation is now markedly faster in 2016, statistics have literally gone through the roof.  This is very good news and a sign that a French style dynamism is at play that we must cultivate and strengthen in this world which is constantly undergoing change and transformation.

At EM Normandie, we boost initiatives by setting up a favourable ecosystem led by InsIDE.

A full-scale customised offer

As a genuine pedagogical startup, InsIDE is leading three major activities: pre-experience and continuing education, organisation of events focused on Entrepreneurship (Startups Weekends, Talks, Live interviews of entrepreneurs…), and the management of the School-Incubator with some 40 students – the InsIDErs as we called them—supported free of charge by our team.

Collective and individual coaching, thematic workshops, networking events, fixed and mobile hosting, support in fund raising… everything is done for them to acquire methodologies, expertise and entrepreneurial instincts. We also apply an active policy of partnerships to offer students full support and effective solutions. The Institute has thus two major partners: FIDAL, a firm of lawyers and chartered accountants and AM Consulting & Expertises another firm of chartered accountants, who all give their expert advice on legal and accounting issues to project holders.

Along the same line, an agreement was signed in March 2016 with Normandie Business Angels, a club of regional investors in order to open up a link with seasoned investors.  In Le Havre, EM Normandie is a founder member of the Container, a digital canteen to bring together all actors in the digital field, whether startuppers, self-employed people, firms, institutions and students to stimulate the emergence of new projects and innovation in the metropolis.  

Trying out adventure

In order to meet more adequately the expectations of students who wish to start their own businesses, we now offer them a status as ‘salaried-entrepreneurs' which combines two advantages: they may test  projects and develop them without having to worry about red tape and to benefit from the status of salaried employee on a long-term contract and a status from the legal, accounting and social point of view. Implemented through Creacoop14, this status also allows them to dedicate their internship periods to finalising their projects and to valorise this original and unique professional experience, an option that was impossible until now for want of a recognised legal status. Throughout a 36-month period maximum, these young entrepreneurs are supported by the Employment & Activity Cooperative as well as InsIDE.

Today the undefined entrepreneurial desires of new generations have become true, and that is great! It is up to us to encourage them and help them develop startups which are innovative, and above all sustainable.


Contact : Christophe Yver, Director of InsIDE
E-mail : [javascript protected email address]