Caen Campus

 How to get to Caen ?

From Roissy (CDG) and Orly airports, you can take the RER to go to “Chatelet Les Halles” in Paris (about 50 minutes and 9 €). Then take Metro n° 14 to Gare Saint-Lazare.
There are about 6 daily trains to CAEN and the journey is 2 hours. About 40 € one way.

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 Airport Pick-up

Airport pick-up is an entirely optional service which takes place on one day ONLY per semester, in September (Tuesday 7th September 2010) and February. The school charters a bus which will take students from Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris to the school campus in Caen, free of charge.  To take advantage of this service, you must schedule your flight to arrive at Chas de Gaulle before 13h00 (1:00 pm) on Airport Pick-up Day, or you can join us by 12:00 if you will already be in Paris. You can meet some of the other new students at the airport and have a calm 3-hour ride to Caen, rather than figuring out the train and tram system!

We will wait for students between 11:00 and 13:30 in Terminal 2F, then pass by Terminal 1 to pick up the last arrivals.  We must leave to return to Caen by 14:30 at the latest.  If you arrive in another terminal, you must pass through customs, pick up your bags and get to Terminal 2F.  If you arrive in Terminal 1 or 3, there is a free shuttle train which stops at Terminal 2.  Then you must walk to 2F.  There are free luggage carts everywhere, so don’t worry about struggling with your suitcases – get a cart!  We will wait on the lower level (arrivals) in the center, facing La Galerie. 

Airport Pick-up Reservation Form

If you cannot get a flight that arrives early enough on Airport Pick-up Day, come to Paris the day before and do some sightseeing.  There are many good youth hostels in the city. 
Google: Youth Hostels + Paris for a variety of sites in English and French.

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 Lodging in Caen

To make your arrival in Caen easier, we have relationships with several local housing managers. Housing is allotted on a first-come first-served basis, so better to start the process along with your application for admission to the program!

List of our partners:

Single semester/Full year students

Full year students only (September or February entry):

Full year students only (September entry only)

With most applications, a payment guarantee, and the guarantor’s financial information/supporting documents are required.

 Lodging documents Checklist

Your completed housing application does not guarantee you a place – you might have to apply at several residences.

You may choose to find your accommodation independently (private apartment, room or host family in Caen...). Then you must research and negotiate yourself.  Here are a few tips (be aware that you should find your accommodation by JUNE for September)

How much does one room cost per month ? What services are included ?

Residence costs depend upon size, quality of accommodation and whether you share an apartment or rent a studio.  You should plan 350-500€ per month, exclusive of apartment insurance, habitation tax, electricity, water and telephone/internet. 

Apartment Insurance

Euro Residence, Les Estudines and Top Campus require proof of insurance before you sign your apartment lease.  The school has established a partnership with GAN, a local insurance company which provides our students with low-cost, easily administered housing insurance.  Apartment insurance costs approximately 25€ per semester, or approximately 50€ for the school year.  We will help you with this when you arrive.


Electricity is provided by EDF, the French National Electric Company.  Some residences set up your account for you, some include your hook-up charge as a rental premium, and some invoice you for your monthly consumption directly on your rent invoice.  For Euro Residence and Top Campus, students are responsible for setting up their accounts and paying their quarterly invoices.  We will help with EDF account set-up for Euro Residence and Top Campus students.  You must remember to close your EDF account and make arrangements to pay your final bill before you leave France.

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 CAF Grant – Student Housing Allowance

You might get a student housing allowance (or “CAF grant”) from the French government which will help offset the rent starting the month after your arrival (if you arrive in September, your allowance will be counted from October)*.  We help you with the paperwork, so there is nothing to prepare before your arrival.  If you are a CROUS resident, the CROUS will help you with the paperwork. [*For non-Europeans, the CAF allowance begins in the month following the validity of your residence permit.  It is therefore essential to file the permit paperwork ASAP]. The CAF allowance is around 100/150 € per month.

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 Bank Account

You must have a French bank account to benefit from the CAF housing allowance.  To better serve our international students, the school has a partnership with BNP-Paribas which has a worldwide banking network and simplified banking process for our international students.
We will provide your contact information to the local BNP agency, and they will have your account documents ready for signature upon your arrival.  The student account is free of charge for one year.

 Administrative Document Checklist

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 EM Normandy CAEN practical infos

September Welcoming Week for foreign students

The Ecole de Management de Normandie is very proud of its student association, “Global Village”.  This group of French students organizes special activities (from dinners to day trips), accompanies international students in their administrative obligations and makes sure that incoming international students are integrated as fully as possible in student life.  You will meet them upon your arrival. During the week before the start of classes in September, undergraduate students gather for Orientation Week, which includes Administrative Registration and Integration Activities planned by Global Village.

Students arriving for the February semester will also have a mini-integration week, which is an occasion to complete paperwork, meet new colleagues and get to know the city of Caen.

School Hours : The school library closes nightly at 6:00 pm; the computer labs and the rest of the site close at 9:00 pm, and the alarm is set.  The Ecole de Management de Normandie site is closed on weekends.

Mediathèque : All resources are available to make it easy for you to study there. There are numerous books, magazines and data bases. A team of specialist is there to help you for your research.

Students associations (culture/sport/humanitarian…) : There are numerous students associations to which you will be more than welcomed to joint. This will give you the opportunity to meet French students.

Restaurant facilities :

There is a cafetariat at the school where you can have breakfast and lunch. It is open every day except holidays.

In front of the school you can also go to the Restaurant Universitaire. You will be explained when you arrive how to get a card to pay for the meals.

Close to the school is a large supermarket (Carrefour) where you have several other choices to eat (cafetariat/ small restaurants/ sandwiches…)

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 CAEN infos

How to move around ?

Useful and Emergencies in CAEN

  • Police Secours : 17
  • Pompiers : 18
  • SAMU : 15
  • S.O.S médecins : 08 20 33 24 24
  • Pharmacie de garde : 3237 (numéro audiotel 24h / 24h, 0,34€ TTC / MIN)
  • Urgence dentaires : 02 31 85 18 13
  • CHU : 02 31 06 31 06

Links to know the Region of LOWER-NORMANDY and the city of CAEN

Regional medias