International students guide

  • An introduction to the Ecole de Management de Normandie
  • How to register at EM Normandie ?
  • Visa requirements
  • French National Health Insurance (Sécurité Sociale)
  • The Academic calendar at EM Normandie
  • French language level
  • Telecommunications
  • Living in France
  • International service contacts
  • All the info you want to know about each of the 3 campuses: Caen / Deauville / Le Havre
    •  Ecole de Management de Normandie

      Created in 1871 in Le Havre, the Ecole de Management de Normandie is one of the oldest French Grande Ecole. "Grandes Ecoles" are specific to the French Higher Education sector: they are very selective and have limited enrolment. They aim to produce high-profile graduates in engineering, business, the arts, fine arts and social sciences.
      EM Normandie is the result of a merger between ESC Le Havre, Sup Europe in Caen, and IPER (an Institute for Maritime Logistics ) Le Havre. It is a private institution which delivers various degrees both at Undergraduate and Master level, both in French and in English. Its main programme, the Grande Ecole Master in Management, is accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education.
      Due to its strong links with industry, EM Normandie applies a teaching approach based on action learning and meaningful mentoring relationship with faculty, professionals and supporting communities. Academic input, underpinned by mission-relevant research, validates a portfolio of programmes designed to meet national and international quality standards.
      All MSc and MS degrees offered at the School are accredited by the "Conference des Grandes Ecoles", the association of French Business and Engineering Schools.
      EM Normandie has a total of approx. 2000 students. 

       Guide to Management programmes in French and English

       Programs available for exchange students - 2010-2011

       List of courses for Euro BA (Bachelor in European Business) and for BME (Bachelor in European Management)

       List of courses for the 5 MSc taught in English

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       How to register at EMN ?

      The application form deadline for the Fall Semester is April 30th, housing requests are due at the end of May. The deadline for the Spring Semester is November 1st for both academic and housing applications.
      Ideally, students should submit their application and housing forms as early as possible in order to confirm admission, obtain visa documents (when applicable) and avoid to wait for accommodaiotn.

       Exchange Student Application Form- Academic year 2010/2011 

       Learning agreement form

      • Deadline for 1st semester: 30th April 2010
      • Deadline for 2nd Semester: 1st November 2010

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       Visa requirements

       Admission Application and Visa Procedures for Non-European Students - CEF

      CampusFrance (with the CEF: Centre pour les Etudes en France) helps you create your pre-admission dossier, conducts a pre-admission interview, and tests your language skills in your future language of studies.

      Linving in france The Prefecture - Visa and Permit of Stay

      For NON EUROPEAN CITIZENS coming to study in France, when applying for your visa in your home country, you will receive a document which you must submit to OFII( WHAT IS THIS ?) when you arrive, along with several supporting documents (on peut faire la liste ? YES). We will help you complete and submit the dossier for the OFII. You will then receive more information from OFII regarding a medical visit in FR and visa validation tax (55€ in the form of a tax stamp).

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        French National Health Insurance (Sécurité Sociale)

      European citizens who pay into their own national health systems are entitled to a European Health Insurance card. You must ask for it before your departure from your country and carry it when coming to France.
      Non European citizens must often have international health insurance to obtain their entry visas, and must also purchase French social security rights (about 200 €-full fee to be paid for 1 or 2 semesters). We help students prepare the forms for signature upon their arrival.
      Proof of French Sécurité Sociale or European Health Insurance is required by CAF.(CAN YOU EXPLAIN WHAT THIS IS)

       Administrative documents checklist.

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       Academic calendar at EM Normandie

       Academic calendar CAEN- EBP U2 - 2010-2011  Academic calendar EuroBA - BME Caen 2010-2011  Academic calendar Deauville 2010-2011 Events   Academic calendar Deauville 2010-2011 Tourism

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        French language level

      EM Normandie has developed a new "Programme d'Intégration en Normandie" - PIN which takes place at the end of August / the beginning of September in order to help incoming students to feel familiar and comfortable with their future life in France.
      This intensive 2-week program on French language and economic culture is entirely taught in French.
      Programme cost: The cost is 300€ per student (excluding food/lodging).

       PIN information

       PIN application form

      Students must have a working language level BEFORE they arrive for the program. French classes are included in the required courses for both the Euro BA and BME programs. Currently, EM Normandie does NOT offer language review classes in English before the start of term.

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      What's the least expensive way to make phone calls during my stay in France?
      If you own a tri-band (new generation) mobile phone with international calling capacity, you can simply purchase a French SIM-card and pre-paid calling cards from the local telecom stores to use during your stay.
      If you do not own a mobile phone with international calling capacity, you can buy long-distance calling cards at the local tobacco shops, and use the telephone booths.

      Will I have an internet hook-up at my apartment ?

      Some residences have ADSL internet services available for a monthly charge of about 20€. For residences that do NOT offer this service, you must purchase a phone line subscription from France Telecom (55€ installation fee and about 16€ per month), and then the purchase the services of the internet provider of your choice (about 30€ per month). Some internet providers then reimburse you for the 55€ installation fee. Students sharing an apartment often split the internet costs.

      Is there internet/computer access at school ?

      Once you arrive, you will be provided with your own internet/intranet (school system) login and password. You will have free access to the internet at any of the 100+ terminals available in the school computer labs, entry hall and médiathèque (library). The computer labs also have standard printers at each station for your use; you simply provide your own paper.

      What about WIFI ?

      The school has WIFI reception in the cafeteria and in a dedicated student workroom. WIFI access at the residences is not always available.
      How do I send a fax/make photocopies?
      For faxes of school and official documents, the International Relations Department will be glad to help. For photocopies, the school Médiathèque sells student copy cards for 6€/100 copies, + a 1€ deposit - return the used copy card for a reimbursement of your deposit. Students often share the cost of the copy card.


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       International service contacts

      L'équipe du service Relations Internationales de l'Ecole de Management de Normandie

      International service contacts

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        Living in France

      You must consider that you will need around 900 € per month (all included) to live in France.
      Some prices : Baguette : 1 € /Sandwich: 4 € / Student cafeteria 3-5 €. Restaurant: 10 to 30 € /Cinema :7 € / Bus ticket : 1 € / Doctor's visit : 23 €

      Linving in France

      Linving in France

      Linving in France


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       All the info you want to know about each of the 3 campuses:



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