Newsletter n°20 - October 2014

Octobre 2014
News Em Normandie
Jean-Guy Bernard

Jean-Guy Bernard,
Director General
of L'EM Normandie

Grande Ecole Programme EPAS International Accreditation renewed
After winning an initial 3-year accreditation in 2011, the Grande Ecole Programme (pre-experience) has now been awarded a further 5-year EPAS accreditation by EFMD
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BADGE Scheme on Development & Territory Support now operational
In order to respond to the expectations of organisations in its Territory, EM Normandie has put its pedagogical experience at the service of the Seine Estuary Chamber of Commerce. A joint scheme has thus been launched which is one of a kind in its category: the Badge Scheme on Development & Territory Support.
Towards a common culture for the Seine Estuary Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
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Badge Intelligence Concurrentielle
Competitive Intelligence: a must to understand crises and ride them out better
In this globalized world where economic competition shifts so often to economic warfare, Economic Intelligence has become a mainstay of any manager’s culture in order to understand his/her environment in its full complexity, to operate in the context of international commercial confrontation, and to catch the right kind of information in order to make the best strategic decision.
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International days
International days »: the 2014-2015 edition
L'EM Normandie organises on 13 November in Le Havre, and on 14 November in Caen, two International Days to inform students about to leave for their study stays abroad.
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Startup week-end
The Start-Up Weekend lands in Le Havre!
Following 3 successful years in Caen, now is the time for the Start-Up Weekend to cross the River Seine and challenge would-be entrepreneurs with ideas for a start-up, students and professionals in the Le Havre region, on 14, 15 & 16 November 2014.
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Comment l'ambition vient aux filles ?
« How girls turn ambitious ?» a new book by Frédérique Cintrat
Frédérique Cintrat, an EM Normandie Grande Ecole Programme graduate (Class of 1987)  and a Marketing and Commercial manager at Filassistance, has just published « Comment l'ambition vient aux filles ? » with éditions Eyrolles.
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Meuh Cola
At this School, you get a taste for taste!
Due to lack of time and budget, Junk Food has invaded students’ plates. If it can be blamed for various pathologies – e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses, one must admit it is difficult to resist that temptation. How is it possible to restore the prestige of healthy and balanced food that is deemed to be too expensive and time-consuming to prepare? Many ideas and initiatives are blossoming at EM Normandie.
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Site web du Campus IE
On the web…          
Created by EM Normandie and ENSICAEN, in partnership with Université de Caen Basse-Normandie, the Lower Normandy Economic Intelligence Campus is launching its own Internet website !
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Atelier de la Venise Normandie
A « jeanial » adventure!          
As a new technology and entrepreneurship fan, Olivier Le Bas, soon to graduate from the EM Normandie Grande Ecole programme (Class of 2015), has embarked on a start-up venture.  L'Atelier de la Venise Normande, a new clothing factory is born !
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