A Foreword by Jean-Guy Bernard

Jean-Guy Bernard, Directeur Général EM Normandie" While the word ‘equality' is still ringing in everyone's mind as a result of the Gender Equality in the Work Place Week, EM Normandie forges ahead again!  By launching officially the ‘EquiLibre' network with our Students and Alumni Network, this School brings into the limelight another form of equality (or lack of!): the respective statuses of men and women in organisations. A wide topic indeed, and one which has been debated at length. Salary Gap, unequal access to key positions, and differences in the way male and female employees are treated, all these are as many realities that still prevail in our society. This new thinktank and caucus aims to fight against such discrepancies and to offer all our students and alumni, whether male or female, equal opportunities to succeed. 

In the meantime, EM Normandie is still gaining new momentum. This is a true challenge in the current economic context that does not spare the Grandes Ecoles world. At a time when the projected Apprenticeship Tax Reform is a threat to part of our resources, we will not allow the quality of our programmes to suffer and hinder our growth.

The School is busy revamping its teaching contents, with the La SmartEcole® scheme in particular, adding new programmes to its portfolio, strengthening the qualification of its faculty, widening further its openness to the world, and increasing its links with business organisations in order to match more closely the expectations of recruiters and international standards.

All this is evidenced by the recent AACSB International Accreditation, and the renewal for another 5 years, of the EPAS label for the Grande Ecole Pre-experience Programme.

EM Normandie has a definite attraction for innovation and is convinced that entrepreneurship generates wealth. As a result, the School implements a swarming policy by co-organising this coming month a first edition of  a Start-up Week-end with the Seine Estuary Chamber of Commerce, thus capitalising on the success of three similar events organised in Caen.  

I trust that you will enjoy reading about our main news items should turn this Autumn into an exciting period! "

Jean-Guy Bernard, Director General of EM Normandie