A « jeanial » adventure!

As a new technology and entrepreneurship fan, Olivier Le Bas, soon to graduate from the EM Normandie Grande Ecole programme (Class of 2015), has embarked on a start-up venture.  L'Atelier de la Venise Normande, a new clothing factory is born !

A tribute to the city of Pont-Audemer, his town of origin, this trade name shows the project's DNA: local handicraft. Daring and meeting every challenge, Olivier has chosen as his basic raw material a American must, denim, and created a line made in France, thus adding quality to eco-responsibility. To obtain the funding required to launch his activity, he has launched a fund raising campaign on a crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank since 19 October. His funding target: €8,000  to meet administration, communication, raw material and manufacturing costs to produce a first batch of 100 jeans. This first step he is planning to achieve soon, before embarking on the raising of another  €15,000, earmarked for opening his on-line boutique and developing his project.  


Olivier Le Bas,
Founder of L'Atelier de la Venise Normande
E-mail : olebas@em-normandie.fr