At this School, you get a taste for taste!

Due to lack of time and budget, Junk Food has invaded students' plates. If it can be blamed for various pathologies – e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses, one must admit it is difficult to resist that temptation. How is it possible to restore the prestige of healthy and balanced food that is deemed to be too expensive and time-consuming to prepare? Many ideas and initiatives are blossoming at EM Normandie.

Vegetable Farm Baskets are back!

Sup' de Cœur, a student society, is gearing up to make easier access for students to healthy and balanced food, a genuine booster for energy, memory and concentration.  

In partnership with Potimarron, the leader of on-line fresh produce markets in Normandy, the now traditional 100% local premium vegetable baskets are back at the preferential price of € 9. Each week, the content changes, depending on available crops and seasons, to help young people discover some produce and bring variety into their pleasure. Another secret weapon to achieve a successful academic year!


Sophie Abraham,
Vice-President, Sup'de Cœur & Year 3 student on the Grande Ecole Programme
E-mail :

Le Spot, a responsible cafeteria in action on the Caen Campus  

During the Good Taste Week ,le Spot suggests gourmet breaks based on local organic produce. House Desserts (flap jack, brownies, ‘gaufres'), Reine Verte fruit juice and Meuh Cola will whet taste pods of students and staff alike, in an ‘Organic Ambiance ‘naturally'!


Alexandra Beldjoudi,
Scop Le Spot Manager
E-mail :