Competitive Intelligence: a must to understand crises and ride them out better

In this globalized world where economic competition shifts so often to economic warfare, Economic Intelligence has become a mainstay of any manager's culture in order to understand his/her environment in its full complexity, to operate in the context of international commercial confrontation, and to catch the right kind of information in order to make the best strategic decision.

In response to this, EM Normandie, through its Institut du Développement Territorial, launched in January 2014, in Paris, its BADGE Intelligence Concurrentielle Programme. Developed in partnership with Eurogroup Consulting, an independent European Consulting Group with a high level of expertise in Strategy and Organisation, this programme caters for senior managers and executives in companies, institutions, or administrations. The point is to give them a 360° view of all risks and crises likely to impact on their organisations, and to equip them with the specific knowledge to help them anticipate, avoid or manage them.  

This new programme is accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

Organisation :

A 12-month programme comprising a one-day class and/or talk and debating session every other week, as well as a 3-day residential seminar.

Tution : €12,500

Open to holders of 4-year degrees, as well as 2-year diploma holders with 3 to 5 year professional experience minimum.

Admission by application file and interview.


Sabrina Letartre,
Executive Education Centre Manager
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