The Start-Up Weekend lands in Le Havre!

Following 3 successful years in Caen, now is the time for the Start-Up Weekend to cross the River Seine and challenge would-be entrepreneurs with ideas for a start-up, students and professionals in the Le Havre region, on 14, 15 & 16 November 2014. This is indeed a challenge: starting a new firm in…54 hours.  

Co-organised bylogostartupwelh.jpg EM Normandie's InsIDE and CCI Seine Estuaire, this event aims at matching participants' ideas, needs and competencies to get new entrepreneurial projects to hatch. Right from the start, each individual with an idea must present his/her project in 60 seconds, and depending on the needs, convince financers, marketing executives, engineers, students, ….to join them in their workgroups. From the market study to the business model, not to forget communication strategy and the production of a prototype, each team has 54 hours to build up a viable proposition, coached by experts on call on that occasion.


Christophe Yver,
Director of InsIDE, Head of M2/MS Entrepreneurs
E-mail :