Today’s Main Feature: Dare be yourself with Réseau EquiLibre

Réseau EM Normandie, the Alumni Association that unites students and graduates, has just launched Réseau EquiLibre, a new thinktank and caucus to promote female talents, to foster gender mixity in organisations, to shatter the ‘glass ceiling' and to get each and everyone to realise that ‘women are men like all other men'.

Réseau EM Normandie Vice President Frédérique Clavel, as the President of Réseau EquiLibre, had invited for the official launching in September high profiles in Entrepreneurship spirit and in female success, such as  Margaret Milan, the founder of Eveil & Jeux and the patroness of the event.

This first evening of debates is to be the first of a long series of scheduled meetings where ambition, determination, community, and a positive spirit will preside. Specific topics (relationship with money, the good female pupil syndrome, taking over, etc.) will thus be debated over friendly lunches, coffee hours and quarterly thematic workshops offered for training before a small audience (10-12 people) in public speaking, self promotion, etc.

On 16 December 2014, at 7pm, on the EMN Paris Campus, a first workshop on ‘ How to dare be yourself as a wage earner' will be facilitated by Rina Marsot and Stéphanie Boulay, who both graduated from the Grande Ecole Programme in 1989, and currently the manager and ethical leadership consultant respectively, at the Recherches et Evolution firm of consultants.

Another link with this struggle against socio-cultural determinism in male-female inequality was the showing of a collection of video portraits, stressing the diversity in the paths to success taken up by EM Normandie graduates. Following the teaser shown on the occasion of the launching evening (see below), the first three films will soon be shown on social networks.

A mentoring programme for the School's female students and partnership with companies, associations, and other actors on similar themes will also be some of the paths explored to develop this new consortium.    

Focus on the President of Réseau EquiLibre

Frederique ClavelAn iconic figure of female success in business, Frédérique Clavel graduated from EM Normandie in 1981, and started her career in asset management with the Hervet Bank. Three years later, she was to follow her husband to Germany where she dealt in financing solutions for SMEs in the Ruhr region. In 2001, she created Fincoach to help entrepreneurs with their financial strategies, then Mix For Value, in 2010, an investment fund reserved for companies with one senior manager at least being a woman.
Very early in her professional career, she perceived the prejudices against women, a feeling which was to be confirmed as she accumulated experiences. This led her gradually to become a militant of gender mixity in organisations, as she was convinced that the latter improves both the governance and performance of organisations.

Now that she is the President of Fédération Pionnières, a network of female start up incubators, Frédérique is determined to capitalize on her rich experience to encourage students and graduates to enhance their natural leadership and to assert themselves in their professional lives.     


Solène Heurtebis,
Réseau EM Normandie Executive Secretary
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