‘Eco l’eau ‘, EM Normandie student Ugo Niango’s project receives an award during the Caen Startup Weekend

‘Eco l’eau‘, EM Normandie student Ugo Niango’s project receives an award during the Caen Startup Weekend

1er_prix___ECO_L__EAU__CCICN_1.jpg ‘Every drop counts, so we sell water savings’. With this slogan, backed by a well-designed project, the team won the 1st Prize during the 3rd Edition of the Start-up Weekend, which took place on the Caen Campus from Feb 21 to 23. The goal of this project is to fight against waste by offering professionals (hotel and camping site managers, etc...) a solutions pack: water saving tools such as shower heads that already exist on the market, and a ring that shows the water consumed and sends the information via a smart phone application. Over the week-end, Ugo Niango and his team moved on from the original idea to a formalised project. Thanks to the successful response they got from the panel and the Start-up Weekend grant, the experience can continue. They will be hosted by the City of Caen Emergence Nursery, and have access to the co-working area at Forum Digital.

Contact:Ugo Niango, Student, EM Normandie Grande Ecole Programme. E-mail: uniango@em-normandie.fr


 Franck Daniel creates ‘Normandie C.E’, an outsourced works committee for SMEs 

F_DANIEL_2.jpgAfter some 20 years in Finance, Franck Daniel joined the EM Normandie Mastère Spécialisé Entrepreneurs in September 2012. In October of that very same year, he took part in the first Start-up Week-End organised by the School and CCI de Caen, where he put forward the following idea:  how about creating an externalised works committee for small and medium-sized enterprises by getting support from local commercial partners. The panel were impressed and he came up second best project. In order to investigate his project further, he got support from SYNERGIA and EM Normandie, and joined the student incubator based in the Plug N’Work start-up nursery in Caen.

Normandie C.E offers discount prices to SMEs and internal works committees. Thanks to a network of over 500 partners across France, the company is able to list thousands of offers (50,000 events per year in France), special rates for shows, travel (camping sites, holiday resorts, travel agents,..), sports and leisure (cinemas, amusement parks), fashion items and housewares, and gift vouchers. For CEOs, this is a direct way to motivate personnel, and to recruit and retain employees by increasing their purchasing power. For works committee, commissioning Normandie CE is a time-saver and makes administration easier. 

Franck Daniel  
E-mail: contact@normandie-ce.fr


 Patrick Jouin: generating business!


photo_patrick_jouin_2.jpgAfter a career as a sales manager in Italy, Patrick Jouin came back to Normandy in 2010 to start his own business. To acquire in-depth insight of local economic development, he took the EMN Normandie MS Développement, Innovations et Marketing Territorial, on a continuing education basis. In addition, he benefitted from individual coaching via the entrepreneurial coaching scheme in place in the School. 

His project was to start a business to valorise wastes by capitalising on the natural resources available in our region. The innovation here was the implementation of a concept whereby horse manure and green waste from communities and their surroundings could be turned into energy for heating collective installations while processing them locally. 

Patrick Jouin received much support: by the end of 2012, he was accredited by Hippolia, the Pole of Competitiveness for the Equine Industry. In 2013, he was awarded the Innovation Prize by the Ministry of Industry and Research, from which he received a € 45,000 grant. He then joined Normandie Incubation and was accredited by Nov@log, the Pole of Competitiveness for Logistics and Supply Chain, and by Noveatech, an association of agricultural organisations in Upper Normandy that deals with the development of the use of agro-resources in industry. Early 2014, Réseau Entreprendre Basse Normandie granted him a € 30,000 loan to help him structure his project in the form of a consortium, Greenresearch, together with a company, EQUINERGIE, and five research laboratories. The building of their first production unit is to start in April in Lisieux, to be followed by three more during the year in the Manche and Orne ‘départements’.

Patrick Jouin
E Mail: p.jouin@greenresearch.fr
Website: www.greenresearch.fr 


 Louis Haincourt, the youngest entrepreneur in France, a mobile phone case dealer

Louis_Haincourt___Dealer_de_coque_2_2.jpgLouis Haincourt, when aged 15, canvassed mobile phone shops to get hold of an original case for his telephone. Horrendously expensive prices encouraged him to order one hundred units at a cheap price from the PRC, to personalise them and then to sell them to relatives. This was to be the beginning of his success story! He opened a website www.dealerdecoque.fr, and created officially his company on the day of his 16th birthday. He was to be both a secondary school pupil and the manager of his business for three years, and then passed the French baccalaureat in 2013, and subsequently joined the EM Normandie Grande Ecole Programme. He is the sole manufacturer of the cases, from moulding to graphic design, as well as the printing of the décor, which is constantly renewed and patented. He is also his own webmaster, and processes orders and deals with the shipping…of some 4,000 pieces depending on the month. His customers, whether individuals or companies, all appreciate the originality of his production, and the hand crafted character of this 100% French collection. What about the future? ‘I look forward to developing my business abroad and I’d like to recruit. Nevertheless I keep sober about the whole business as I’m aware that customers’ attraction could well wane out one day. At all events, this experience has given me the energy to be an entrepreneur, and who knows, to start up new projects in a few years’ time’, Louis Haincourt explains.


Louis Haincourt