EM Normandie opens a Campus in Oxford (UK)

Campus_oxford_3.jpgAfter Paris, EM Normandie opens a new campus, in Britain this time, in the heart of historical Oxford, hosted by the Bristish Study Centre. The campus will open as from September 2014 to host 30 students from the M1 Year of the Grande Ecole Programme for their International Management Programme. This programme focuses on developing managerial skills, and will give an international perspective on the way companies operate, together with genuine understanding of global management, competencies and cross-cultural communication. Within the next two years, one hundred students from various programmes in the School, continuing education participants and international students will be hosted on this campus. Says Alain Ouvrieu, Director of International Development: ‘Thanks to this campus, students will be able to acquire an outstanding international culture and in-depth knowledge of areas that have been linked throughout history’. 

Alain Ouvrieu, Director of International Development