A New Admission Route into the Bachelor in International Management for 2-year Higher Education diploma holders

EM_Normandie_Bachelor_MI__Alexis_Cheziere_2.jpgBoth a cross disciplinary and professionalizing degree, the Bachelor in International Management, accredited at Bac+3 level, is now open to holders of Bac+2 diplomas (or equivalent) obtained in France or abroad. When entering Year 3, students may opt for one of the three internationally oriented specialisations: Logistique internationale in French in Caen or Le Havre, and in English, Tourism in Deauville and International Business in Caen or Le Havre. Specialised courses take place after a one-month induction and management refresher course has been completed by all students. This is followed by a core programme comprising Business Ethics, HRM, Financial Analysis, International Marketing or EU Law. The programme ends with a final 3-month internship, which is a true springboard towards employment that will allow later on to access operations executive positions in international companies. 

Application Modalities and Requirements : http://www.ecole-management-normandie.fr