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8 Normandy Teams registered for the 2014 Renault 4L Trophy 



For this 17th Edition of the famous 4L Trophy, 13 EM Normandie students joined on 12 February some 1,300 other teams from 1,460 institutions at the Futuroscope in Poitiers, one of the two departure compounds. They were headed for Marrakech, their final destination for this 10 day and 6,000 km trip on roads in France and Spain, and Moroccan dirt tracks. These features contribute to making of Raid 4L Trophy the biggest student rally in Europe. In order to participate, students had had to raise a € 3,000 registration fee, on top of the cost of the car, the much needed mechanical repairs and maintenance operations before departure, as well as the purchase or collection of school supplies for the ‘Enfants du Désert’ association. Several fund raising strategies were defined: on-line community funding, sponsoring by relatives in exchange for their pictures on the car, offers in kind for the car supplies and the insurance policy. This 4L Trophy ended on Feb 22 with a tradition prize ceremony followed by a grand finale night for all teams.


Caroline Bacon, Head of Student Services - Caen Campus


Lama’ttitude, a militant association to promote education in Peru Logo_Lama__ttitude_4.jpg

The 12 EM Normandie students of the Lama’ttitude Association presented pictures of their stay in Arequipa (Peru) last summer. They built a new classroom for a comprehensive college and visited schools and orphanages to give English or sports classes and facilitate workshops. Thanks to the support of their partners, and the Le Havre de Grâce Rotary Club in particular, they were able to present local youth with table tennis and football equipment, three computers and a printer. ‘This altruistic community project is fully in line with the International Rotary strategy, whose axes include fighting against illiteracy in the world, an essential contribution to the fight against poverty, illnesses and hunger. We have decided to renew our support to the new team who is to continue next summer the work achieved by their predecessors.’ explained Ibrahim Aroichane of the Rotary Club in Le Havre.

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