The City of Oxford

Without Oxford, Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings would not have existed, we would never have discovered Alice In Wonderland, and we would lack one of the finest cities in the UK. This university town, with its eight centuries of history, will appeal to you.

Located some 80 km West of London, Oxford is in Oxfordshire, in South West England, at the confluence of the River Thames (sometimes called Isis by locals) and the River Cherwell.

1_view_from_carfax_tower_oxford_2012_1.jpg-chensiyuan. Licensed under GFDL via Wikimedia Commons

This city of 153, 000 people is world famous for its university, which is the oldest established and well-known in the English speaking world. Some 42,000 students study in 39 colleges, 7 ’private (religious) halls’, or also its other university, Oxford Brooks University. The ‘city of dreaming steeples’ as Matthew Arnold called it, has displayed stunning architecture ever since it was founded by the Saxons until today, a showcase for all architectural styles and very famous architects.

It is also very attractive for its many activities offered to both locals and tourists: museums, boating, film sets, cultural events (theatre, movies, concerts, …), discos, pubs….It is also the ideal starting point for visiting the rest of England.