Lower-Normandy Economic Intelligence Campus

  • EM Normandie,
  • Ecole nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Caen (ENSICAEN), and
  • Université de Caen Basse Normandie (UCBN)

have created jointly the Campus Intelligence Économique de Basse-Normandie » (Campus IE BN), an Economic Intelligence Campus to which EM Normandie and ENSI Caen contribute with their scientific expertise and experience in continuing and pre-experience educational programmes.

The synergy between the three institutions enriches the programmes offered by Lower-Normandy Economic Intelligence Campus:

  • Certificates and Degrees/Diplomas are awarded by State Accredited institutions, as well as national and international accrediting agencies such as the French Conference des Grandes Ecoles (CGE). This is evidence of the value of the programmes, their pedagogy and their learning outcomes, and their easy valorisation on the employment market.
  • The educational input is backed by a network of professional experts in the specific areas of expertise of each institution, as well as the scientific expertise of their researchers.
  • Thus, the programme, which combines the resources of 3 Higher Education institutions, offers first-hand access to the latest research findings on Economic and Strategic Intelligence issues, whether in Data Processing, Human Psychology, or Cross-cultural Relationships.
  • By associating a School of Engineering, a Management School and a Multidisciplinary University, resources are made available that avoid the pitfall of restricted approaches.
  • Together, these institutions are in a position to deal with the whole range of issues related to Economic and Strategic Intelligence by calling on every scientific and professional specialisation available within their units and laboratories.

Moreover, all three institutions are engaged in experimental design of a Referential for Economic Intelligence Training for pre-experience students. The Higher Education & Professional Insertion Directorate General of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research has launched since September 2011 a testing process of the new experimental referential on Economic Intelligence and the New 21st Century Risks (INTELLIGENCE ÉCONOMIQUE ET NOUVEAUX RISQUES du 21e SIÈCLE).

Why an Economic & Strategic Intelligence Campus in Lower Normandy?

This Campus has been set up as a result of national and regional policies regarding Economic Intelligence, whose main objectives are to foster competitiveness of companies and territories, safer economy and potential for innovation. Both public and private actors demand, and will demand more and more, that their stakeholders give evidence of their capacity to innovate and of their competitiveness factors, while ensuring full service to all actors, whatever the dimensions and scales. This process is already clearly observed within the Poles of Competitiveness.

The mainstays of these policies include a public/private sector convergence which is given special importance. In order to foster this, the acquisition of a common culture seems a must. Strategic and Economic Intelligence may be one of the main components of this shared culture by allowing every one of them to have a clearer idea of those interests they hold in common, or on the contrary, which ones are divergent. Moreover, this will allow all parties to become aware of such current stakes as competitiveness and innovation capability. All this demands a cooperation culture between the public and private sectors.