Libraries and Mediacentres service

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Created in 2016, the role of our Libraries & MediaCentres Service is to contribute to Initial & Continuing Education, e-Learning, and Research activities at EM Normandie.

Our missionsTo welcome students, Faculty members and any individual who may have access to our services.

  • To maintain documentary watch and survey the needs of users and partners.

  • To purchase, publicise, administer and circulate documents.

  • To produce and circulate documentary resources.

  • To answer documentary requests from users.

  • To coach and train users in their documentary search.

  • To take part in scientific and technical activities in the School. 

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Our Team and our Values

We are a team of information professionals and student assistants.
Our values support our commitment to quality work.

Caring: we are attentive to each and everyone’s documentary requirements and we strive to respond without delay to users’ requests.
Sharing Competencies: we run training workshops in documentary resource search and in the use of data management tools.
Well-being: we offer silent zones and group meeting rooms.
Inquisitive spirit: we take part in professional networks in order to share and extend our knowhow.
Integrity : we contribute to the development of academic integrity by training our users in quotation and bibliography referencing techniques.

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Our Service in brief

  • Printed Monographs puce Pictos_Ocean_2018_vnc_2 30,502

  • Printed Periodicals  puce Pictos_Ocean_2018_vnc_2 386

  • MONOGRAPH DIGITAL PLATFORMS puce Pictos_Ocean_2018_vnc_2 6

  • MEDIA DATA BANK puce Pictos_Ocean_2018_vnc_2 7

  • BIBLIOGRAPHY DATA BANK puce Pictos_Ocean_2018_vnc_2 5

  • SECTORAL DOCUMENTATION DATA BANK puce Pictos_Ocean_2018_vnc_2 5

  • ACADEMIC JOURNAL DATA BANKS puce Pictos_Ocean_2018_vnc_2 20