Mission and Values

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The core mission of EM Normandie – while proud to have kept pace with change – is to:

  • train students and executives who are able to take up the managerial and entrepreneurial challenges of tomorrow, make decisions, and work in a professional environment marked by uncertainty,
  • be involved with its extended regional environment (England – Normandy – Paris Seine area) as well as with local and international development projects,
  • expand the frontier of knowledge thanks to academic research by faculty that relates to business practice in the workplace,
  • offer a progressive education that combines a digital focus, teamwork and the humanities,
  • provide lifelong career orientation and support thanks to an enlarged network of partner organizations and alumni,
  • with due ethical respect for human, regional and cultural differences.

Mission de l'EM Normandie 

EM Normandie has always kept pace with change:

Founded in 1871, the school has stuck to its core offering ever since: general in essence, open to the world, rooted in a historically rich environment / region, and offering relevant training in the field. Refounded in 2006, it has moved into the 21st century world while maintaining its core elements.

A commitment to its extended regional environment to develop local projects as well as international ones:

The school capitalises on its multi-campus location (Caen - Le Havre – Paris - Dublin - Oxford) from which to further its international policy.

Training students and executives to meeting the managerial and entrepreneurial challenges of tomorrow:

The school fosters a proactive approach and initiative-taking in response to the strategic and organisational changes required by a context marked by innovation in an increasingly international and digital age. It renders students autonomous, actors rather than consumers or operators, and prepares them for adaptability and international mobility.

Professionalization (with an emphasis on training through on-site fieldwork) and the internationalisation of students, together with the infusion of research into the school's programmes, contribute to developing the technical competencies that organisations look for.

Expanding the frontier of knowledge thanks to faculty's research and its application to professional practice:

The school's knowledge output is related to its specific areas of study: SMEs & Entrepreneurship, Port & Maritime Logistics, Economic Intelligence, Territory Development and Cross-cultural Management.

As regards research, the school encourages the production and circulation of scientific knowledge aimed at enriching and updating teaching input on a continuous basis, with a focus on the managerial implications for decision makers in both the public and private sectors.

Offering a progressive education that combines a digital focus, teamwork and the humanities:

The school encourages team spirit and project management skills, thanks to collaborative tools (La SmartEcole®) and respect for ethical values and diversity.

Supporting students in their first job thanks to a strong network of partner organisations and alumni:

The school's mission extends to promoting its graduates by enhancing their attractiveness for the job market (position, career evolution, and remuneration).

Respecting diversity in people, regions and cultures:

The school must make students aware of their identity. As citizens in the world (rather than of the world), it strives to offer personal enrichment and an understanding of others, while respecting the ethical standards set by the school, with the ultimate objective of enabling students to become responsible managers.



To BE means:

  • to have roots,
  • to exist both for oneself and others,
  • to assert one's personality and values,,

To ADVANCE means:

  • having a long-term perspective, anchored by the past and by memories,
  • to re-imagine and re-invent oneself,
  • to ensure durability,
  • to face difficulties and to know how to seize opportunities.


True to its Norman roots, since its foundation (LOYALTY), EM Normandie has continually been able to innovate and to be a pioneer (BOLDNESS and FORTITUDE)

Les valeurs de l'EM Normandie 


  • Openness to others and the world
  • An ability to seize opportunities, to conquer, to be a visionary and an innovator,
  • to interact with the world in all its complexity,
  • Daring to be true to oneself.

LOYALTY means:

  • Integrity, respect for others, a sense of devotion, solidarity, honour,
  • Ethics, transparency, social responsibility, empathy,
  • Collaborative spirit, team spirit,


  • Engagement, taking up several challenges at a time, standing by one's choices
  • Consistency, rigour
  • Hard work