With La SmartEcole®, students will gradually become co-creators of knowledge and develop many more of the qualities that are essential to their good integration into the enterprise: creativity, curiosity, a taste for teamwork and challenge, as well as a sense of responsibility.

Thanks to a collaborative platform – the SchoolBox , students benefit from a virtual space structured around a variety of tools and resources:

  • A private social network for lecturers and learners to exchange,
  • A digital work space that offers many options for consulting resources,
  • An e-portfolio for students to organise the knowledge and knowhow they acquire during their professional life,
  • A platform that administers and monitors distance learning and multimodal pedagogy.

All these tools are available on iPad®, distributed free to students as from Year 3. Training paths give pride of place to collaborative work, to project management, as well as simulations and case studies. Dedicated rooms and work space have been redesigned on this occasion: connected to the internet, they offer large screens, poster walls and magnetic areas for everyone to express freely during teamwork.